Stage 1 - Collection of data

We start our search by obtaining as much data from your home archives as possible. All paper documents are very important. In particular: birth certificates, death or marriage certificates, ID cards, school certificates as well as photos and descriptions can prove to be of utmost significance. Useful information can also be found on family tombs.

Stage 2 - Cost estimate

Once we have gathered the data and familiarized ourselves with your needs, we provide an approximate estimate*. After accepting it and receiving an advance payment (1/3 of the price), we proceed to further work.

* The price and completion date will depend on the scope of the search, the available data, as well as the number of sites that we will need to visit throughout the search.

Stage 3 - Search

Further work consists of searching the available archives, internet databases as well as other source documents. Some official files or parish books were often kept in another language (e.g. Russian, German, Yiddish). Using the services of professional translators we provide translation into any language of your choice. We keep you informed about the results. In the course of the works we collect photographic documentation which will be used for the realization of a photo album or a website.

Stage 4 - Completion

After completing the work of collecting as much data as possible, we present you with the results in the form of collected documentation, which can be presented as e.g. a photo book, or a website.



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