My adventure with genealogy began several years ago. Some mysterious stories from the life of my father’s family have intrigued me for a long time and it was those stories that inspired me to begin the research. In this way, around ten years ago, my passion was born.

I am a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics where I studied International Economic and Political Relations. For many years, my job was connected to the world of numbers, calculations, account reports, forecasts, budgets, deadlines, and so on. But one day, the time has come to quit the corporate job and make an idea which was developing for many years come to life and combine my work with my passion.

Genealogical research is an extremely absorbing activity, it is countless hours spent browsing through archives available online. But not everything can be found in the available documents – sometimes it is necessary to take up the search in parishes or look for other sources. It is a little like carrying out archaeological excavations, where each detail is important, sometimes surprising, and it helps to piece our ancestors’ life history together. The first successes helped me discover incredible stories from my family’s past and bring together the facts from stories I had heard long ago. My father’s family, like many Polish families during World War II, was decimated. My grandma and grandpa found themselves in a German prison. My grandpa was never found. As a three year old child, my dad was taken deep into Russia alongside more distant relatives, to Russian labour camps in Siberia. He returned to Poland only when he was 10. Moreover, many years of communism after the end of World War II did not allow to bring many facts to light.

The turbulent Polish history has separated many families forever. Many Poles across the centuries have been forced to emigrate to make a living or for political reasons.

This is how I came up with the idea to help those who were forced to emigrate many years ago or their descendants rediscover their Polish roots.



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